Update on Alex ekubo’s relationship.

A lot of twisted turns which took place within last two months and last month in the Falexx union has really been a shock to their fans.


Alex and his Fiancee Fancy, who were supposed to get married in November this year, had their plans stopped by Fancy who allegedly called off their wedding due to reasons best known to them.

In as much as their fans has been patiently waiting to hear the real reasons for their separation, the two has been mute ever since.

However something else is going on in the picture as even though they both unfollowed each other on their social media handles, Fancy deleted every single picture of her and Alex from her IG page, she also deleted their fan page.

Fancy's page look

And it seems like she already moved on from what were seeing.

But that is not thesame story for Alex as his page still has her pictures and memories they both shared together.

Alex's page look

Hence, there could be something cooking in the kitchen. And time will reveal it. That could either mean that Alex has moved on and he could be fighting on the inside to get his fiancee back. Let’s just watch the space and see how it goes as I wouldn’t be surprised if they eventually came back together.

Something is cooking, let’s hope it gets done soon!

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