Video: I’m a Preacher of Truth, Daddy Freeze Fire Back at David Ibiyeomie on a New Video (Watch)

I’m a Preacher of Truth, Daddy Freeze Fire Back at David Ibiyeomie on a New Video

I'm a Preacher of Truth, Daddy Freeze Fire Back at David Ibiyeomie on a New Video

Daddy Freeze the Convene of the Free the Sheeple Movement and leader of the Free Nation in Christ.has response to a viral video that David Ibiyeomie did yesterday Daddy Freeze appreciate everyone for checking up on him and thank everyone for calling him. he says thank you for your concern also thank you for your worries and I want to assure you via this medium.

Daddy made it clear on his new video that even with a gun his head, he said, I’ll still preach the truth and nothing but the truth the truth about Christ the truth about the scriptures the real truth the hidden truth about Christianity. So help me God. I was very devastated by that video because of a contents thereof.
Daddy Freeze said he only call attention of Pastor Oyedepo quoted from the book of Ephesians chapter 5 verse 22 and I drew his attention to verse 21, correcting scripturally is not an insult Daddy Freeze said.

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According Daddy Freeze “Christ was criticized. Paul was criticized. Peter was criticized even the Pharisees were criticized.” So there’s no way you’re going to preach a message from the scriptures that you will not get criticism It’s impossible even the closest friends of mine who are gree doctrinally still disagree over some scriptures here and there some doctrines here and there and some ideologies.

Daddy Freeze However said,  I’m very proud to associate myself with some aliens and Somalia because they were beautiful people.
Beautiful Africans like you and I It is hate speech that undermine them with derogate three words, is it not just a Somalian like there’s anything wrong with being Somali?

Freeze has affirmed his love to all my followers and fans and Somalia I love you all and I’m proud to be associated with you. Even though by birth are not Somalia My mom is European and my father is Yoruba. Going Beyond this I also need to draw the attention of the public and the law enforcement to the threat of life that was issued to me in that video, possibly he owe me. I don’t know if you realize that the threat to life is a criminal offense.

And let it be on the record that you threatened my life is this how Nigeria is going to accept this if anything happens to me? I hope you know who to hold responsible. this has been on social media space for about 24 hours. Now. I’m yet to hear anything from the police what happened to our laws and hate speech racism discriminate or restatement threat to life, which is actually Criminal What happened to all this? Are we going to keep quiet and just let this lie because it’s coming from a pastor.

Daddy Freeze also said,  I’m a proud broadcaster for the last 25 years have dedicated my life to this beautiful Noble profession. I’ve taken my children along with me to the radio to familiarize themselves with the radio hoping that one or two of them can fall in love with it. You didn’t mean it to such a great extent such a glorious profession that disseminates very important information a tool used by all of us including the church.

And we’re going to make broadcasters feel bad for making broadcasting their career choice because of how little money is there maybe broadcaster should start collecting tight and offering to so you are knees get the feeling that someone of your caliber is talking to you I think you should apologize to every journalist every broadcaster for undermining our work. Furthermore.

Daddy Freeze accused David Ibiyeomie as a racist, he said the world is fighting against racism systemic racism outright racism and it brings tears to my eyes, that a black man will refer to a fellow black man during the time that people are crying that black lives matter as it has passed, hate speech I mean formulas Criminal.
You say I’m not my Father’s son.
I put it to you to prove.
Who my real father is?

Watch the Full Video Here

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