We have ‘Guns, Bullets, we don’t need to buy them’ – Peter Obi supporters plans for Election Day (LISTEN)

Peter Obi allegedly gives churches ₦2 billion to canvas votes for him
As the 2023 general election draws near, concerns are growing over the proliferation of weapons in the country, with reports of supporters of the Labour Party presidential candidate Peter Obi vowing to arm themselves to counter any potential attacks.

The situation has sparked widespread outrage and concern among many Nigerians, who believe that the presence of weapons will only escalate the violence that is already gripping the nation.

Many have taken to Twitter to voice their fears, with one user stating that “This is why it is very hard to side with the igbo, they resolve to violence at the slightest inconvenience. Very dishonest bunch of people. Tueh.” Another tweet reads “Their armed IPOB wing is there. They truly don’t need to buy guns.” These statements are an indication of the deep-seated prejudices and misunderstandings that exist between different ethnic and political groups in Nigeria.

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The proliferation of weapons in Nigeria is a matter of great concern, as it increases the risk of violent crime, conflict and instability. In a country that has already suffered from civil war and sectarian violence, the presence of weapons only serves to undermine the peace and stability that is so desperately needed.

Furthermore, the use of weapons on election day is unacceptable and can only serve to undermine the integrity of the electoral process. It is essential that political leaders take a strong stance against the use of violence in political campaigns, and work together to create a peaceful and secure environment for all citizens.

The Nigerian government must take the lead in addressing this issue, by implementing effective measures to disarm those who pose a threat to public safety, while ensuring that law-abiding citizens have the means to protect themselves from violent crime.

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This could include the creation of a dedicated task force to combat the proliferation of weapons, and the implementation of strict regulations on the sale and distribution of firearms.

The 2023 general election is an opportunity for Nigeria to show the world that it is a peaceful and democratic country, capable of resolving disputes through the power of the ballot.

To achieve this, it is imperative that all political leaders put the interests of the nation above their own personal interests, and work together to ensure that the election is conducted in a free, fair, and peaceful manner.

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The Nigerian government must take action to stem the proliferation of weapons, and create a secure environment for all citizens, in order to ensure that the election is a true reflection of the will of the people.



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