What is GTbank mobile app transfer limit

What is GTbank mobile app transfer limit?
Guarantee Trust Bank (GTBank) is one of Nigeria’s most innovative commercial banks has again raised the bar on USSD by setting transaction limits at N500, 000, said a source close to the matter.

The new limit means that customers are able increase their transactions up to N500,000 from N200,000 it used to be.

What is GTbank mobile app transfer limit?

This is the first major question gtbank mobile banking users do ask, and this question is very important so as to know the maximum transfer on gtbank mobile app.

Gtbank token In line with its commitment to ensure a safer banking experience, GTBank has further introduced a second level authentication for your fund transfer via the 737 USSD code. This is to ensure you do not run into any risk of losing your hard earned money to fraudsters who now inhabit the cyberspace in search of unsuspecting preys

You have being using the Gtbank mobile app since the introduction of the mobile banking few years back, but you never come across how to increase Gtbank mobile app transfer limit without entering bank hall, worry no more this article will guild you on how to increase transfer limit on GTB app.

What you need to know about Gtbank mobile app transfer limit

What is GTbank mobile app transfer limit?

First of all Gtbank mobile app transfer limit is million naira. If you have saving account with Gtbank your transfer limit is N2m, while the current account is limited to N5million naira using the Gtbank app.

Before, Gtbank mobile app transfer limit was pegged at N1M for savings account, while the current account was N3M.

The Guarantee Trust bank increased the limit to N2M for savings account, and N5M for current account though I’m not too sure if they have increased the current account limit to N10M as it was rumoured.

What is GTbank mobile app transfer limit?

However, you can increase the transfer limit if you’re not pleased the limit.

How to increase transfer limit on GTB app

Do you want to transfer up to N5million, Gtbank online banking has gives their customers the opportunity to transfer up to N5M from their account.

The reason why internet banking has a high transfer limit is because of the hardware token.

The hardware token is more trusted and properly secured, through the hardware token one can transfer up to five million naira in a single day.

To further increase transfer limit on GTB mobile app, you will have to go to any gtbank around your. Move to the customer service section and speak with any of the customer service representative.

Request that you want to increase transfer limit on GTB app. Right there you will be issued a form to fill, and you will have to state the amount which you want to increase your maximum transfer on gtbank mobile app.

But note that it will exceed the Gtbank daily transfer limit.

As earlier stated, current account has a higher transfer limit than the savings account.

You should ask the customer service representative the bank daily transfer limit so as to know the amount you will write on the form.

About GTBank Mobile App

What is GTbank mobile app transfer limit?

Simple, secure and streamlined for your utmost convenience the revamped GTBank Mobile App lets you carry your bank with you wherever you go.

Very easy to use, it offers you a simplified and streamlined access to all our products and services as well as the convenience to pay all kinds of bills, in one place.

About GTWorld App

With GTWorld, you have a Mobile App that is designed to cater to all that’s important to you seamlessly.

GTWorld also adapts to how you love to bank. It leaves it all to you to decide how you want to complete all your banking transactions: with your fingerprint, your face or any four digits of your choice.

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