Fashion: What a Lady Should Wear To Impress a Guy

What a Lady Should Wear To Impress a Guy

Hey, are you finding it difficult to impress a guy, you’ve tried but to no success, well one beautiful way is through dressing. Yes, we firmly believe that women should wear what makes them comfortable.

But if you are probably wondering what to wear to impress a guy then you are at the right place.
Here some casual outfits that will definitely make him fall for you.hey,

go on,girl check it out!

10.lace tank top

The lace top is stylish and feminine.You pair the look with some high waisted jeans or a pair of blazers with a cute jacket should do the job,it wouldn’t make you look so dressed up.This outfit is for girls who want to be edge and yet casual.Besides lace been elegant looking,thanks to the hint of the skin.
Showing off a bit of skin is always a plus according to guys,right!This outfit will definitely impress your crush,so go get him girl!

A jumpsuit is your best look when you want to look feminine and classy.It will give you that vibe of strength and confidence in every way.Jumpsuits paired with heels always make you look gorgeous although it gives off that boss-lady look,any guy worth your time will be impressed.

Sweater dress look so attractive, warm  and snugly almost  enticing (Not in the wrong way though!) .A nice plumb knitted dress paired with a fitting -high boots that will leave some parts of thigh  visible  making you look  gorgeous and will get that guy lmpressed.This fashion ltem is daring  and  elegant,and will surely impress the guy.

7.A fitting pair of Jeans with a simple t-shirt

Is a go game when  it comes to attracting guys. It looks like  you over did it.It isn’t too dressy, that is exactly what we’re going for,right,Show him you don’t need a full on dress to look good. That will surely impress  can be sexy and comfortable at the same time.
6.A crop top with a high waisted jeans.

A nice crop top that shows off ahint  of your  skin makes you look  sexy with out been  inviting. It can be worn with a high waisted Jean.A fitting high waisted Jean will  show your long legs which  alot of guys love and crop top to give a hint of the can be accompanied with a pair of heels .This outfit is definitely  going to impress your guy.
5).The little black dress

This outfit suits every lady whether it’s plain dress,strapless dress or a slip dress,if it’s black then you will definitely rock it.
The black dress is always the best when trying to make a lasting impression. The little stylish black dress entered women’s fashion in the 1920’s and has remained a consistent trend ever since. Its suits every lady making her look great and flattering,go with a stylish heel to compliment the can leave your hair down or tie it to bun,to give you that attractive feminine look. Try on that black dress and you will definitely rock it and impress that guy.


Sundresses are just absolutely adorable,coupled with a pair of cute sandals and you’re guaranteed to make guys turn your way on the street all day long.
There are made with floral or pastel colours so they are very innocent looking.

It gives off that cute girly look and is definitely going to impress that guy,because the is something about sundresses that makes you look majestic and super gorgeous.So the next time you are going out and it happens to be during spring ,put on that sundress on,you are surely gonna impress that crush of yours!

3.Crop top and mini skirt

This adorable outfit comprises of a crop top and a mini skirt, which will give you an elegant and feminine vibe.The playful display of skin just above the skirt is definitely sure to get him impressed and make him stare!
Just wear this look with some ankle boots and you are good to go.Just don’t forget to smile!
2.Red,yes anything red!

Red is absolutely the colour to impress and attract a guy. Adding a splash of red,even if it is on the lips will instantly grasp a guy’s attention and impress any guy.But don’t forget things like a red handbag, red lacy top or even a splash of red lipstick. You are instantly going to impress the guy.
1.An oversized hoodie.

This outfit always looks adorable, its suits probably every lady,making you look cute, fragile and it is also so comfortable and it is a go game when trying to impress a guy. It obviously a no brainer,it makes you look cute just like a puppy. This outfit is surely going to impress him.

So girls the next time you are going out on a date with your crush or you are going and you’re sure to meet that guy try on one of this outfit and rock it!and you will instantly impress that guy.

You are definitely going to impress him,so, go get him girl!

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