Why EndSARS rioters loot shops before they burn it in Lagos

Why EndSARS rioters loot shops before they burn it in Lagos

The Nigerian representative said  nothing we did in Lekki caused the killings and destruction that happened in Lagos.

They have started killing police before we went to lekki and in Lekki, we killed NOBODY.

Those who killed and destroyed others were on vengeful mission against certain individuals for the reason known to them.

“If you’re angry with the military and FG, even if you couldn’t attack military barracks, why not Government properties? Why burning private properties? Is the military under private individual?

And when you look at the pattern of destruction, they destroyed one property here, moved to the 5th or 7th property and burn it, why were they leaving some and burning others? It was premeditated.

” And when they enter stores, they will loot first before they burn…why? The military did nothing wrong in Lekki, we killed nobody and we are not unprofessional.

With the type of lies and propaganda going on, you will see that these are all planned destruction

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