Why INEC didn’t transmit election results instantly

According to intelligence reports, certain political parties enlisted the help of hackers from Russia and Israel in an attempt to manipulate the outcome of the 2023 elections. 

These parties, who had lost out on the presidency, planned to contest the election results by targeting the electronic transmission of the results, as they were already aware of their impending defeat.

Despite the fact that each political party had access to their own situation rooms and had already seen the results, they chose to focus on the transmission of the results to the portal in order to create a basis for their challenge. 

However, the public is unaware of the extent of hacking and attacks that were carried out on the Independent National Electoral Commission server.

Intelligence reports suggest that the political parties that brought in Russian and Israeli hackers were responsible for the attacks, with the aim of manipulating the results and causing chaos. 

Their attempts were unsuccessful, and the election was not transmitted on the INEC server to the best of the source’s knowledge.

My take;

These allegations are troubling and highlight the need for improved security measures in the electoral process to prevent such activities. 

It is crucial for electoral commissions and governments to take proactive steps in protecting the integrity of the election process and ensuring that the will of the people is reflected in the election outcomes.

What‘s your take?

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