“Wizkid is a Demon, And those following him are going to hell.”- Man claims


A man has taken to social media to make weird and wild claims about the Grammy award winning singer and song writer, Ayodeji Balogun popular know as Wizkid.

Sharing a post a man known as Joosy Thegod made a post on Facebook claiming that the Multiple award winning singer  sold his soul to the Devil in other to be rich and famous. Jossy went further in giving some details about the name “Wizkid FC ” the name the singers fan base are called , he claims the word the word is an abbreviation of two Latin words. He claims that those following the singer are following the Devil .

He made other revelation stating that the nickname of the famous singer “MACHALA” is a Greek word which means DEMON.

He state that this information was reviled to him by his pastor during a sunday service. That it was shown t his pastor in  a vision. He went further in warning the fans of the singer to stop listening to the singer that failure to do so will lead them to Hell.

Here’s what he said in his post:

“Wizkid has sold his soul to the devil 
My pastor told us in church on Sunday that he had a vision and he saw that Wizkid is one of the top demons in hell 
And I asked one man if Wizkid has really sold his soul to the devil the man said yes He said;

1) His fan base name “Wizkid FC”, that FC is like an abbreviation of two ancient Latin words which are “Fwxeh ChwIn” it means Deviil followers

2) His Nickname “MACHALA” its a Greek word which means “DEMON” 

If you have been listening to Wizkid songs the Devil is currently in control of your life.”

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