You are just a social media kidnapper – Cubana Chief Priest lambasts faceless blogger Gistlover

You are just a social media kidnapper - Cubana Chief Priest lambasts faceless blogger Gistlover

Cubana Chief Priest slams faceless blogger Gistlover as a social media kidnapper for spreading false rumors about him having a child outside his marriage with a Kenyan woman. On his Instagram story, the popular socialite vehemently denied the claims and emphasized his wealth and discretion.

Gistlover embroiled Cubana Chief Priest in a scandal involving rumors of having a child outside his marriage with a woman in Kenya. The rumors were spread by a faceless blogger known as Gistlover, who accused Cubana Chief Priest of fathering a child from an extra-marital affair.

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In response to the accusations, Cubana Chief Priest took to his Instagram story to debunk the rumors and set the record straight. He vehemently denied having a child outside his marriage and challenged Gistlover to provide evidence to back up their claims.

He even went so far as to suggest a DNA test, which he offered to pay for if Gistlover could not afford it. However, he expressed confidence that the allegations were baseless and disrespectful to him and his family.

“I’m so rich that if I have a child outside my marital bliss, no one will ever know about it,” he wrote. “Gistlover feels I can pay him/her for blackmail that’s so funny, me of all people. Oba without palace. If e sure for you, pay for the logistics for the DNA with your money, I go run am. If the baby is mine, I will double your expenses. If you can’t afford to pay, show yourself and I will spend my money to do it.”

Cubana Chief Priest also expressed his disgust at the idea that his child would be born in Kenya, calling it a “huge disrespect” to him. He emphasized that he only produces offspring in Nigeria and America and that he is too “detailed” to do such a low-key thing as fathering a child in a foreign country. His statement reflected his belief in the importance of family and his commitment to his wife and children.

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“My marriage is bulletproof,” he declared. “My relationship with my wife is built on so much love, loyalty, respect, and wealth. It’s indestructible.”

Cubana Chief Priest Instagram post reads; 

Indeed, Cubana Chief Priest is known for his love for his family and his willingness to go to great lengths to provide for them. He has often shared photos and videos of his children on social media, and his wife, De Angel, is a constant presence in his life and business ventures. He has also been vocal about his support for women and the importance of treating them with respect and dignity.

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Cubana Chief Priest’s statement on the rumors surrounding his personal life reflects his strong character and determination to set the record straight. Despite the false accusations and attacks on his reputation, he remains resolute in his commitment to his family and his values. His message serves as a reminder that, in the face of adversity, one’s character and integrity are the most important things to hold on to.

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