Update on Mr Ibu’s second leg amputation: Family Addresses Misconceptions

The Okafor family, responding to recent reports circulating on social media, has refuted claims that Nigerian star Mr Ibu, whose real name is John Okafor, has undergone a second leg amputation.

These reports suggested a worsening health condition after alleged additional surgery, portraying Mr Ibu as too weak to communicate with loved ones.

In a statement, the family expressed profound gratitude for the support received from well-meaning Nigerians in various forms, including physical, spiritual, and financial assistance aimed at aiding Mr Ibu’s recovery.

To dispel misconceptions, the family clarified that only one leg, not both, was amputated. The initial amputation proved insufficient in addressing Mr Ibu’s health challenges, leading to a subsequent surgical intervention.

Contrary to rumors of diabetes, the family disclosed that his health issues stemmed from persistent blood clotting in his leg (diseased blood vessels) and other critical health risks, necessitating the need for amputation.

Addressing concerns about seeking advanced medical treatment abroad, the family explained that doctors deemed Mr Ibu “Not Fit to Fly,” making it impossible to secure airline transportation. Currently admitted to one of Nigeria’s premier hospitals, Mr Ibu receives care from a team of highly skilled professionals.

While Mr Ibu is on the path to recovery, the family urged friends, colleagues, fans, and the general public to refrain from spreading unconfirmed reports and to keep him in their thoughts and prayers.

The family expressed heartfelt appreciation for the overwhelming support received during this challenging period and signed off the statement with gratitude.

The statement reads:


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