Police leave fraudster, arrest VeryDakMan for exposing fraud – Says Deji Adeyanju

Counsel to VeryDarkMan, Barrister Adeyanju Deji, has revealed that his client was arrested by the police on the instructions of CP Igwe. 

According to Deji, VeryDarkMan was arrested for exposing someone who allegedly duped a Nigerian abroad. Instead of arresting the alleged fraudster, the police arrested VeryDarkMan on allegations of defamation.

Adeyanju Deji statement reads: “Our client, @thatverydarkman has just been arrested by the police on the instruction of CP Igwe for exposing someone who allegedly duped a Nigerian abroad. Instead of the police to arrest the person alleged to have duped someone, they arrested VDM on allegation of defamation”.

In a surprising turn of events, veteran music producer Samklef revealed on his Instagram page that he was behind VeryDarkMan’s arrest. “I am behind VeryDarkMan’s arrest,” he wrote.

This development raises questions about the role of law enforcement in protecting citizens and upholding justice. 

Why did the police arrest VeryDarkMan instead of the alleged fraudster? Was Samklef’s involvement in the arrest a personal vendetta or a genuine quest for justice?


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