You are a fake Pastor- VeryDarkMan call out Ebuka Obi of Zion Ministry

In a scathing call-out, activist VeryDarkMan has accused Pastor Ebuka Obi of Zion Ministry of unjustly imprisoning a man named Ijele for 40 days simply for calling him a “fake pastor” online. 

VeryDarkMan condemned the pastor’s actions, questioning whether such behavior aligns with the teachings of Jesus. 

He highlighted the irony of collecting tithes and offerings while failing to embody the principles preached. 

Comparing the pastor’s actions to those of the Pharisees who opposed Jesus, VeryDarkMan emphasized the disparity between the pastor’s behavior and the compassionate, forgiving nature of Christ. 

In his words, “Pastor Ebuka Obi of Zion Ministry You are a Lie Lie Pastor you Locked up a Man named ijele in Prison for 40 days all because the man said Online That you are a Fake pastor, As A Pastor Is This how Jesus would have Behaved, You collect Tithe and Offering But you don’t Practice what you Preach, Jesus would never lock someone up in Jail for calling him Fake, The Pharisees did worst to Jesus”

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