Video: “I’m experiencing heat” – Nigerian Man Buried Alive for 24 Hours Shares Chilling Update After 8 Hours

In a bizarre and daring stunt, Nigerian man Young C has been buried alive for 24 hours, sparking widespread concern and fascination online.

On Wednesday, May 8, Young C shared a video on Instagram announcing his intention to spend 24 hours in the casket, even broadcasting live footage at night.

After 8 hours, Young C shared an update, revealing his physical discomfort and excessive sweating. “Guys, I have been buried alive for over 8 hours now… I am sweating, guys,” he said, his voice laced with anxiety.

In a subsequent update, Young C expressed his growing fear: “I’m experiencing heat… my fear now is for my rechargeable fan not to run out of power.”

As the hours tick by, Young C’s situation becomes increasingly precarious, leaving his online followers on edge, wondering if he will emerge unscathed.

The challenge has raised questions about the limits of human endurance and the psychological effects of such an extreme challenge.

Young C’s fate remains uncertain, leaving many to wonder if he will successfully complete his 24-hour burial or succumb to the physical and mental strain.


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