Video: Billpoint App is a scam – Verydarkman tells influencer, Mr. Jollof

In a recent video posted on his Instagram page, Verydarkman sounded the alarm about the Billpoint App, labeling it a scam.

He warned influencers, particularly Mr. Jollof, to be cautious when promoting apps, emphasizing the importance of thorough research.

Verydarkman’s statement reads:

“Mr. Jollof and other influencers, before you collect adverts, always do your research. This Blord app, Billpoint, is not entirely what it seems. I have people crying in my DMs, and the guy (Blord) doesn’t even care about sending them their money. Be careful of that app, be careful of BILLPOINT @mr.jollof_ do your research, especially on this app.”

Verydarkman’s warning comes after numerous individuals have fallen victim to the Billpoint App’s alleged fraudulent activities.

He shared evidence of payments from victims who have been scammed, exposing the app’s deceitful nature. The owner, known as Blord, seems unbothered by the users’ plight, leaving them stranded without their rightful earnings.

Verydarkman’s expose aims to protect others from suffering the same fate. By speaking out, he hopes to prevent further financial losses and damage to unsuspecting users.


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