How EU and Finnish government aiding terrorism in Nigeria – CDS Christopher

Nigeria’s Chief of Defence Staff, General Christopher Musa, has leveled serious accusations against Finland and the European Union, claiming they are aiding terrorism in Nigeria by providing support to Simon Ekpa, the self-proclaimed Prime Minister of the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). 

In a special broadcast on Channels Television commemorating Nigeria’s 25th Democracy Day, Musa called for Ekpa’s immediate arrest and prosecution.

Simon Ekpa, residing in Finland, has been a prominent figure associated with IPOB, a group that the Nigerian government has labeled a terrorist organization. IPOB advocates for the secession of Biafra from Nigeria, a movement that has gained considerable traction in the South-East region of the country. 

Ekpa’s broadcasts and social media presence have been instrumental in rallying support for IPOB’s cause, often inciting actions that the Nigerian authorities deem violent and disruptive.

General Musa accused the Finnish government of providing a safe haven for Ekpa, enabling him to continue his activities without repercussions. 

“We have repeatedly complained about the issue of Simon Ekpa. He is in Finland, and the Finnish Government is giving him all the support and he is doing what he is doing,” Musa stated. 

He argued that Ekpa’s inflammatory comments have directly contributed to violence and deaths in Nigeria’s South-East, yet there has been no significant action from Finland to curb his activities.

Musa extended his critique to the European Union, questioning their commitment to supporting democracy in Nigeria. 

He suggested that the EU’s inaction on Ekpa’s case reveals a double standard in their foreign policy. “If the European Union is supporting democracy and this is happening and they are not taking action, then they don’t mean well for Nigeria,” he remarked. 

Musa’s comments reflect a growing frustration within the Nigerian government regarding what they perceive as a lack of support from international partners in addressing internal security challenges.

The Nigerian Chief of Defence Staff emphasized the need for a diplomatic resolution to the issue, urging for international cooperation to extradite Ekpa to Nigeria where he could be held accountable for his actions. “We need to diplomatically find means of getting him out of whatever it is that he is doing. 

He must be arrested, he must be prosecuted,” Musa declared. He argued that if the roles were reversed and a Nigerian national was inciting violence against a European nation from within Nigeria, the EU would undoubtedly demand decisive action.

Musa’s highlight the complexities of international relations and the challenges of addressing transnational activism and terrorism. 

The Nigerian government’s frustration stems not only from the immediate threat posed by Ekpa’s activities but also from a perceived lack of solidarity from Western nations in combating terrorism and maintaining stability in Nigeria.


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