My Eagle Square fall is a swagger, ‘Dobale’ to Democracy Day – Tinubu

President Bola Tinubu has responded to the viral video of him slipping while boarding a presidential parade vehicle at Eagle Square in Abuja, dismissing the incident with a dash of humor. 

Speaking at the Democracy Day banquet on Wednesday night, Tinubu jokingly described the fall as a “swagger” move, leaving the audience in stitches.

Tinubu’s remarks came after a video circulated on social media showing him losing his footing while attempting to board the vehicle. However, the President downplayed the incident, saying, “Early this morning, I had a swagger, and it’s on social media. They were confused about whether I was doing Buga or doing babariga.”

The President’s lighthearted comments were met with laughter and applause from the audience. He continued, “But, it is a day to celebrate democracy while doing ‘Idobale’ for the day.” Tinubu’s use of the term “Idobale” – a Yoruba phrase meaning “prostration” – was a clever play on words, implying that he was showing respect and gratitude for democracy.

Tinubu’s response to the incident has been widely praised for its humor and grace. 

By shrugging off the fall and turning it into a lighthearted moment, the President demonstrated his ability to laugh at himself and not take himself too seriously. The incident has also humanized him in the eyes of many Nigerians, showcasing his relatable and endearing side.

Overall, President Tinubu’s “swagger” move has become an unlikely highlight of Democracy Day celebrations, serving as a reminder that even in moments of embarrassment, a sense of humor and humility can go a long way.

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