Japa: Why your future is not in London, America or Asia – Says Akin Adesina

In a recent address, African Development Bank (AfDB) Group President Akin Adesina highlighted the pivotal role of Youth Entrepreneurship Investment Banks in fostering business opportunities and entrepreneurship among Africa’s youth. 

He emphasized the importance of investing in the continent’s young people to secure a prosperous future.

Adesina asserted, “The future of Africa’s youth is not in London, America, Asia, Latin America, it is not in any part of the world.” 

He elaborated on the necessity of focusing on local solutions and resources to drive the continent’s development, stating that the youth of Africa represent the continent’s most valuable asset.

Furthermore, Adesina underlined the importance of financial support to realize the potential of Africa’s young entrepreneurs. He said, “The young people of Africa are the best asset we have, but we have to put our money to back them up.” 

Youth Entrepreneurship Investment Banks are designed to provide tailored financial products and services that meet the unique needs of young entrepreneurs. 

By doing so, these banks aim to create an enabling environment for innovation and business growth, which is essential for tackling unemployment and driving sustainable economic development across the continent.

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