Why we demolish buildings in Lekki – LASBCA

Following the interview granted by Mr. Kenneth Odidika on Channels Television casting aspersions on the activities of the Lagos State Building Control Agency in Lekki area of Lagos state recently.

In the Interview, Mr. Kenneth alleged that the agency is being used by a private organization to forcefully eject them from their supposed properties and the target is mainly on one ethnic group.

Lagos State Building Control Agency while reacting to the interview described the claims as a far cry from the truth and make it clear that these are not part of the mandates of the agency.

The truth of the matter is that the agency officials were on their daily routine monitoring of the built environment in Lekki axis and it was discovered that some properties were built under high tension power line and some do not possess the requisite building development permits.

Those without the requisite building development permit where served contravention notice while those built under high tension power line where served removal notice which is primarily the responsibility of the agency.

In the interview, Mr. Kenneth alluded to the fact that actually some buildings were built under high tension power line in the area. But he failed to mention that most buildings in the said area especially the street he resides do not have the requisite building development permits and even those that have permits does not conform with the physical structures on ground and it is the responsibility of Lagos State Building Control Agency to serve contravention notices on such defaulting buildings.

What most of them possess are the planning permit which is just one of the permits required and its entirely different from the building construction permit which authorizes developers or property owners to commence construction activities.

That was what the agency set out to do on the said date when an agent of Mr. Kenneth tried to obstruct officials on duties as seen in the video played during the interview.

Also, it is imperative to note that Mr. Kenneth is trying to fly an ethnic kite when he alleged that only properties of a particular tribe are being marked for demolition. That is another lie. The said Mr. Kenneth agreed that all the properties in the area were owned by one particular tribe but some of the properties were served notice while some where not served notice. 

If all the properties in the area are owned by a particular tribe, why were some spared? The fact remains that those with development permit and other requisite certification where not served notices of contravention while those not under high tension wires where not served notice of removal.

 It is very unfortunate that Mr. Kenneth went on a national television to turn the truth on its head by alleging that government agency is being used for selfish interest without addressing the issue of contraventions notices served on them.

For purpose of education and public enlightenments, property owners or developers are required by law to obtain necessary building plan approval as well as development permit before they embarked on any form of building construction in the state. Any building being constructed without these requisite permits contravene the state building regulations.

For the avoidance of doubt, the agency does not have any dealings with any organization or group of persons to forcefully eject occupiers of any land in any part of the state as that is not part of our mandate. 

More so the said struggle for ownership of the said land according to Mr. Kenneth is in court and the agency cannot therefore usurp the power of the court to decide the ownership of the said land.


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