Video: ‘Nigeria is ours, Nigeria we serve’ NYSC corps member in camp feels motivated as FG pays first Allowee

A viral video circulating on social media captured the ecstatic scenes in various NYSC orientation camps, as corps members celebrated the long-awaited disbursement of their allowances.

The NYSC anthem, “Youth obey the clarion call, let us lift our nation high under the sun or in the rain, with dedication and selflessness, Nigeria is ours, Nigeria we serve,” echoed amidst the jubilant atmosphere, symbolizing the patriotic spirit and dedication of these young graduates towards nation-building.

“When I see my own alert, I just jump,” exclaimed one corps member, encapsulating the sheer excitement and relief experienced upon receiving the much-anticipated payment.

The payment of allowances not only provides financial relief to the corps members but also serves as a morale booster, reaffirming their commitment to serving their country with diligence and enthusiasm.

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