You are a serial liar – Reno Omokri busts Peter Obi’s lies in Canada

Reno Omokri has busted Peter Ob‘s false claims during his speech in Canada. According to Omokri, Peter Obi stated that Amazon confirmed there was no glitch on the INEC server, which contradicts the testimony of his own witness in the Presidential Election Petition Court. 

The witness, Mpeh Clarita Ogar, admitted that she was not representing Amazon and presented a document with no relevance to the INEC server. 

Additionally, Omokri pointed out that Ogar was a Labour Party candidate in the 2023 elections, raising questions about her expertise and impartiality.

Omokri also disputed Peter Obi’s claim that he brought an Amazon expert to court, stating that this was another false statement. 

He criticized Peter Obi for his “dishonest and manipulative tendencies” and for attempting to distort facts to sway public opinion. Omokri emphasized that Peter Obi’s claims contradict the official results of the 2023 presidential election, which were endorsed by international observers and the US State Department.”

In the post shared via his X handle “Again, Peter Obi lied in Canada when he said, “Amazon came and said there was no glitch.” to the INEC server. And Peter knows this is a lie, because he presented a witness at the Presidential Election Petition Court, who said the same thing. When asked to produce evidence, the witness said there was no evidence and tendered a worthless document not even issued by Amazon, which had no relationship to the INEC server”. 

“Peter Obi also lied again when he said, “We brought down an Amazon person”  That is another Gbajue. The witness Peter Obi brought to court is Mpeh Clarita Ogar, who admitted in court (and on video) that I “Am here as an expert witness, am not here on the mandate of Amazon.”

“Furthermore, Peter Obi’s so-called ‘Amazon expert’ turned out in reality to be the failed Labour Party for the Federal House of Representatives election for Yala/Ogoga Federal Constituency, in Cross River State”. 

How can a Labour Party candidate give evidence for Amazon? No be juju be that? 

This incident is another example of the dishonest and extreme manipulative tendencies of Peter Obi, who skilfully twists past events to misguide his listeners and make people believe he won the 2023 Presidential Election, an election at which he came a predictable third, and that the United States has now officially, through their State Department, admitted reflected the will of the Nigerian people, and in so doing they corroborated International Observers. 

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